Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Eyes

I really enjoying this time. Yeah... I'm looking into your black eyes deeply. I'm watching you talk about your favorite things with those glowing black eyes. Music, movie, politics, your band, your basketball team, your first trophy, anything. Your hands move as you demonstrate your story. I put my right hand under my chin. I still enjoying your story.

Then, you realize it. You stop talking and now you're looking into my eyes. I'm speechless and breathless. There's a silence. I can feel my heartbeat getting louder. Someone, please kill me now!

"Why?" You ask.

I'm looking away from you. I'm looking away from those black eyes.

Suddenly, your two hands catching my face. "Why? Why did you look at me like that?" You ask again with your raspy voice.

"I..I just..." I lost my words!

You touch my right cheek and smiling. I can feel the butterflies fly in my stomach. Oh, God! Please, help me...

"Don't be afraid," you say. "Do you know?" You hang out your question.

I bite my bottom lip cause I'm nervous. Your black eyes make me lose my focus.

"I really enjoying when you look at me like that. it again." You still smiling.

"Wh..what?" I still confuse.

"Okay..." You take a deep breath. "I must confess it. Now. Do you know that I love you? Oh, no. That's too fast. Argh..." You grab your own hair as you getting frustrated.

"Listen to me. Honestly, I really really love you. I love it when you smile, when you look at me like that, when you call my name. Just with those simple things. But, I don't wanna promise anything like I'll never hurt you or I'll always be there for you. We don't know what God would do with us in the future, right?"

I nod. But, I just can't believe it. You love me? Really? 

Then, you laughing. I don't know why you laughing, but I love your laugh with those narrowed black eyes.

"I love you." You whisper and with no command, you suddenly kiss my lips.

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